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Energy storage set Pylontech H2 14.2 kWh Hypontech HHT 12 kW 3F

Product number: +ZESTAW HHT12+4PYLON
Product information "Energy storage set Pylontech H2 14.2 kWh Hypontech HHT 12 kW 3F"

Energy storage set with a 12 kW Hypontech HHT-12000 inverter and a 14.2 kWh Pylontech H2 series battery pack is a plug & play solution - it can become part of any new installation. The system is easy to configure, which can be done remotely.

It is perfect for:

  • Those planning to install a hybrid (on/off-grid) system.
  • Those in need of a ready-made energy storage kit without complicated configuration and installation.
  • Locations with frequent power outages - it ensures continuous operation thanks to its EPS function.
  • Those who appreciate good space management - the set takes up little space.
  • Those looking for energy independence - thanks to the function of zero energy export, there is no need to take energy from the public power grid, or to return the produced energy from photovoltaics to the grid.

Device features include*:

  • Energy production from PV modules.
  • Energy storage.
  • Energy production and consumption management function.
  • Capacity to operate in back-up mode in the event of a mains power outage.

Advantages of the system:

  • Flexibility - The inverter with two MPPTs will be suitable for almost all types of roofs.
  • Efficient, good yield - Automatically adapts to the battery management system (BMS), so the energy storage system operates efficiently and effectively.
  • Intuitive installation and configuration - Easy-to-read LCD display + app operation.
  • Installation safety - Separate, clearly laid out terminal area, numerous protections on the DC and AC sides of the inverter.


7-year warranty on the Pylontech Force H2 storage system and a 5-year warranty on the Hypontech HHT series inverter.

Contents of the kit: Three-phase Hypontech HHT-12000 energy storage system + Pylontech H2 14.2 kWh

  • 1 x Hypontech HHT-12000
  • 1 x Pylontech BMS
  • 4 x Pylontech H2 3.55 kWh

* The kit does not include photovoltaic modules.

Battery Warranty: 7
Battery pack weight [kg]: 152
Cycle life: 5000
Design life: 15 years
Dimensions of battery pack [mm]: 450 x 296 x 1414
EPS rated power [VA]: 13200
Inverter Warranty: 10
Inverter dimensions [mm]: 425 x 351 x 200
Nominal battery voltage [V]: 96
Rated AC power [W]: 12000
Usable battery capacity [kWh]: 14.2
Weight of the inverter [kg]: 22
Max. voltage [V]: 1000
Min. MPPT voltage [V]: 150
Max. MPPT voltage [V]: 850
Initial feed-in voltage [V]: 145
Max. current [A]: 15
Number of MPPT inputs: 2
Feed-in phases: 3
Battery scalability: up to 4 units
Max. efficiency [%]: 98.2