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Rapid Shutdown Switch 2 string (P2) Projoy

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Beny 2-string fire safety switch

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We carefully select the devices we will later offer. We test modules and inverters before we offer them and we have access to research and test results from R&D centers and independent certification bodies. We value quality!


We ensure that our customers and installers are well informed about PV components. That is why we train, educate and are happy to make our technical knowledge available by answering questions from our partners.


We know what customers are looking for and what is most important to them. We rely on full support, individual approach and flexibility. We value long-term partnerships with customers, giving them access to the best deals on PV components. Our customers can always count on our support.


Over 15 years in the photovoltaic market allow us to offer our customers the best and proven solutions for photovoltaic systems and components.