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Beny 2-string fire safety switch

Product information "Beny 2-string fire safety switch"

The BFS-S series firefighter safety switch is used to disconnect the DC-side connection of PV modules to the inverter for fire protection of roofs with solar installation, as well as for electric shock protection of people working on the roof. The switch provides complete mechanical isolation of the DC installation in case of failure. In this way, the photovoltaic installation area is safe for intervening firefighters and protects against electric shock. The switch can also be used during maintenance work carried out on the roof’s PV installation or nearby.

The zBENY BFS-S2 allows the user to disconnect up to two strings of PV panels.

Product features:

  • For photovoltaic installations with two strings
  • Automatic disconnection of the DC side of the PV plant when the AC side of the building installation is turned off
  • Protection against excessive heat
  • Durable IP66 aluminium housing with vent valve
  • Original MC4 connectors
  • Class II protection level
  • Easy Plug and Play installation
  • Emergency button for 100% disconnection
Maximum panel current [A]: 50
Operating temperature [°C]: -20 - +50
Type: Security
Max. voltage [V]: 1500
Supported number of PV strings: 2
Dimensions [mm]: 27 x 19.15 x 10.42
Weight [kg]: 2.09
Product Warranty: 25 years
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