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Rapid Shutdown Switch 2 string (P2) Projoy

Product number: PEFS-EL40H-4(P2)
Product information "Rapid Shutdown Switch 2 string (P2) Projoy"

Automatic Shutdown the DC power of panels when detecting temperature of the area is higher than 70℃.Manual ShutdownIn an emergency, firefighters or homeowners can manually turn off the AC power of the distribution box.Manual ShutdownIn an emergency, it can be shut down manuall.

Features that distinguish the product:

  • Use for 1-2 strings, 1500 V and 40 A.
  • IP66 Rating, Outdoor installation.
  • More reliable and safer with power line control.
  • Fire retardant V-0 / UV resistant materials used.
  • High quality material used, temperature & corrosion impact resistance.
  • Clasp design, simple and convenient installation, saving labor cost.
  • Smart working status indicator, dry contact access support.
  • Fully certified, TUV, CE, CB, SAA
Input voltage AC [V]: 230
Operating temperature [°C]: -125
Type: Security
Max. voltage [V]: 1500
Max. current [A]: 40
Supported number of PV strings: 2
Dimensions [mm]: 190 x 215 x 100
Weight [kg]: 1.51