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Photovoltaic microinverter HMT-1600-4T 3F Hoymiles

Product number: HOY HMT-1600-4T
Product information "Photovoltaic microinverter HMT-1600-4T 3F Hoymiles"

Hoymiles new generation microinverter HMT-1600 series is designed to accommodate the high-powered PV modules, with maximum output power up to 21600 VA and maximum DC input current up to 14 A.

The innovative 4-input design enables faster installation and lower cost, and makes HMT-1600 series a very cost-effective choice.

The new Sub-1G wireless solution enables more stable communication with Hoymiles gateway DTU. Smart platform S-Miles Cloud makes it possible to module-level monitoring and remote O&M.


  • Three-phase output, more suitable for commercial and industrial applications
  • With output power up to 2000 VA, compatible with 182 mm/210 mm PV module
  • Grid protection relay integrated
  • 4-in-1 design enables faster installation and comes with a lower cost
  • Safer for rooftop solar stations with rapid shutdown compliance and isolated transformer
  • Sub-1G wireless solution allows stable communication in commercial and industrial settings
Max. output voltage AC [V]: 400
Power [W]: 2000
Type: Microinverter
Max. PV power [W]: 540
Max. voltage [V]: 60
Min. MPPT voltage [V]: 16
Max. MPPT voltage [V]: 60
Initial feed-in voltage [V]: 22
Number of MPPT inputs: 2
Max. short-circuit current per MPPT [A]: 25
Supported number of PV modules: 4
Feed-in phases: 3
Max. output current [A]: 2.32
Max. efficiency [%]: 96.5
Dimensions [mm]: 330 x 250 x 37
Weight [kg]: 5.9
Communication type: WiFi
Product Warranty: 12 years