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DTU-PRO-S 4G LTE Hoymiles communication module

Product number: DTU-PRO-S 4G
Product information "DTU-PRO-S 4G LTE Hoymiles communication module"

The module is used for 4G LTE communication with Hoymiles microinverters HMS i HMT series (communication in sub 1GHz band) in order to monitor the system and the operation of photovoltaic panels.

Distinguishing features of the product:

  • Module-level monitoring and data storage 
  • Built-in module for 4G LTE and older communications
  • Stronger communication with microinverter and monitoring server 
  • More accurate PV generation and loads consumption monitoring 
  • Supports power export limiting and zero-export applications  
  • Applicable with Modbus RTU/TCP protocol, thus easy to see power and generation on your monitoring platform 
  • Supports RS485, Ethernet for communication with peripherals
  • Four LEDs, therefore easier to see the status of the microinverter system 

Category: Monitoring / communication
Dimensions [mm]: 200 x 101 x 29
Weight [kg]: 0.2
Product Warranty: 2 years